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Learning - Focus & Attention


Functions - Modeling - Change (like-new)
A Preparation for Calculus Connally, Hughes-Hallett, et al (Second Edition) ISBN: 0-471-47429-0
Price: $40.00
Marine Biology (new)
Peter Castro & Michael E. Huber (Fifth Edition) ISBN 0-07-293356-9
Price: $35.00
Psychology - Principles in Practice (like-new)
Holt, rinehart & Winston Spencer A. Rathus ISBN 0-03-015449-9
Price: $40.00
McDougal Little Algebra 2 (like new)
Larson Boswell Kanold Stiff ISBN 978-0-618-25020-2
Price: $38.00
Modern Chemistry (like new)
Holt, Rinehart and Winston ISBN 0-03-073546-7
Price: $40.00
Bien Dit! (New)
Holt French 3 ISBN 0-03-043218-9
Price: $38.00
Physics - Principles & Problems (new)
McGraw Hill Glencoe Science ISBN: 978-0-07-880721-3
Price: $45.00
Allez-Viens! (like new)
Holt French 2 ISBN 0-03-052082-7
Price: $35.00
World History - Patterns of Interaction (Excellent Condition)
Atlas by Rand Mcnally ISBN:0-618-13179-5
Price: $29.99
The Americans (like new)
McDougal Littell ISBN: 0-395-85182-3
Price: $35.00
Geometry (Fair condition)
Larson Boswell Stiff ISBN: 0-395-93777-9
Price: $29.00
Holly Bible (like new)
New Revised Standard Version ISBN: 1-58516-039-3
Price: $7.00
Vocabulary Workshop - Level E- New Edition
Sadler-Oxford (like new) ISBN: 0-8215-7110-9
Price: $5.00
Vocabulary Workshop - Level E- New Edition
Sadler-Oxford (like new) ISBN: 0-8215-7110-9
Price: $5.00
Vocabulary Workshop- Level F New Edition
Sadler-Oxford (like new) ISBN:0-8215-7111-7
Price: $5.00
Vocabulary Workshop - Level D New Edition
Sadlier-Oxford (like new) ISBN: 0-8215-7112-5
Price: $5.00
Writers INC (like new)
ISBN: 0-669-47186-0
Price: $10.00
American Short Stories (good condition)
1920 to the Present ISBN:0-7891-5940-6
Price: $17.00
Geometry -Cliffs' Quick Review (like new)
ISBN: 0-8220-5329-2
Price: $5.00
Reading culture - Context for Critical Reading & Writing (like new)
Diana George - John Trimbur ISBN-10: 0-20568807-1
Price: $14.00
Modern American Poetry (new)
the Great Books Foundation ISBN: 1-880323-88-5
Price: $17.00
A Short course in writing (new)
Kenneth A. Bruffee ISBN: 10 1-256-35675-1
Price: $12.00
To Kill a Mockingbird (fair condition)
Harper Lee ISBN: 10: 0-06-093546-4
Price: $3.99
Tuck Everlasting - A Novel (good condition)
Natalie Babbitt
Price: $2.99
They Say - I Say
Gerald Graff - The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing ISBN: 978-0-39393361-1
Price: $4.99
A Separate Peace
John Knowles
Price: $3.99
Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology
Elaine N. Marieb - Seventh Edition
Price: $12.00
Creating a Christian Lifestyle
Carl Koch
Price: $8.99
Journey Through the NewTestament
ISBN: 0-15-900679-1
Price: $8.00

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