These daily cash sweepstakes are directly associated with our contests. You can enter the sweepstakes daily in 2 categories: 1) through referrals and 2) by doing some mental exercise. Simply tell your friends and relatives about our contests or post it on your Facebook page or tweet it, and fill out the form on the contest page with your information, and you can win a gift card for $25 or $50. The second way to enter the sweepstakes is to log onto this site and complete the sweepstakes form on the contest page with your estimate as to how many entries you think we received on that day or for that week, and win cash. It is that simple.

Our talent and creativity competitions are meant to showcase talent, imagination, and creativity among participants. These contests are designed to produce an end product, which will be used for commercial purposes in literary and the art only, which products might feature selected entries. Participants whose entries are selected for publication will be given full credit and receive a copy of the published work with a certification of participation, in addition to multiple cash awards and freelancing and design line display, plus publicity, exposure, shows, and a real chance to get your career launched. Participants will have the option to request that their entry be included in any publication. All entries will be reviewed and winners will be selected by teams of Create-Link judges, all of whom are professionals in their respected fields. No entries will be accepted after the ending date for sign up, unless the sign up time is extended by Create- link, in which case a public notice will be issued.



IF YOU REFERRED PEOPLE, please complete the Guest Book Form and list the names or the emails of the people you have referred. If 5 or more people you referred sign up for any contest, you will receive a gift certificate for $25 to $50.00.    

All private information will be kept confidential. Createinkusa.com reserves the right to recall any of these contests at any time, if circumstances merit. Should this contest be voluntarily cancelled, all entry fees will be returned to registrants. Prospective contestants who may need to enter one of these contests after the deadline can request a waiver using the Guest Book or Contact Form but not the entry form below. No purchase is necessary to enter, but an entry fee is required to ensure commitment towards the integrity of these contests. Individuals are allowed to enter one or more contests. Members of contestants' family are not excluded. Contestants may withdraw their participation at any point during this contest, but will not be refunded their entry fee. In addition to providing for contestants' awards, proceeds of these contests will be partially used to fund our "Pass it Forward - Writers * Artists and Designers Emergency Campaign Fund." 


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